You want your iPhone X in 24K gold and with diamonds? Here’s an offer 😁

- Adrian Ungureanu

iPhone X is an expensive smartphone by itself, but when in comes to designer studios, that no reason not to make even more expensive variants with the help of precious materials or rocks.

Finnish design firm, Legend Helsinki is making a few models of iPhone X which are gold-plated, with engravings, pearls, alligator skin and even diamonds. The prices start at €2,950 for the “cheapest” version cold Aurum, which doesn’t have to much on it. It’s just plated with 24K gold and has the Apple logo made out of nacre (the mother of pearls).

If your just an average rich person and you don’t afford the most expensive model, the Momentum which has a red diamond in the middle of the back panel of the phone, which costs €3,790, then maybe you would go for the Lu edition. Specially if you like the Chinese culture, because the centerpiece on the back of the phone is a 24K golden dragon surrounded by a nacre scales background and is priced at €3,590.

They’re a feast for the eyes and your ego. But putting the joke aside, this smartphone are real and there are people buying them. Spending money on looks and not for the actual purpose of these phones. Anyway, it’s a matter of personal choice. Still we do not encourage such purchases.

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