Xiaomi launches a multifunctional cooker – it has its own heating system and is waterproof

- Adrian Ungureanu

Xiaomi is known outside of China mostly for its their well equipped and also affordable smartphones, but the Chinese company has an extremely wide portfolio of products.

In addition to smartphones, the company produces laptops, smartwatches and fitness band, headphones, external batteries, routers, travel bags, footwear, clothing, bed sheets, leather accessories, dishes and even toilet paper, if you believe it. The portfolio is huge, but I’m not going to list all the products here.

Xiaomi also manufactures cooking equipment and has just announced the launch of a multifunctional cooker that comes with its own heating system, so there is no need for ovens, gas or electric hotplates or similar equipment.

The cooker has an internal heating system, a heatpipe whose power can be adjusted to provide cooking temperatures between 38 and 210 degrees Celsius. Put it in the socket, set the temperature and start cooking.

The Circle Cooker has wooden handles so you don’t burn yourself when it is in use. It has a waterproof design to eliminate the risk of electric shock and to be able to wash without problems and care that the water could enter the compartment of a electric components are.

The maximum power of the cooker is 1,500 watts, so it consumes some energy when it is used at full capacity. It also comes with a glass lid, provided with a wooden handle so that the “chefs” don’t burn their hands.

The company recommends it for the preparation of soups, sauces, but also for barbecue and much more.

Although we would expect such a product to cost a lot, the price of the cooker is rather decent. It is listed a a price of 239 yuan, or around 30 euros, 38 dollars. It’s not cheap, but it’s certainly not expensive.