Xiaomi get TENAA approval for a new smartphone – it might be Redmi 5

- Adrian Ungureanu

A new Xiaomi smartphone was spotted on TENAA website, the Chinese supreme authority that grants certificates to all the products that are to be sold on the local market. Without their approval no gadgets can be sold in China.

TENAA just granted a certificate for a Xiaomi smartphone, with model number MAE136. Unfortunately there aren’t too many details about this device, except that it features a 5 inch display, a 4.000 mAh battery and it support dual-SIM.

Some say that this model might be just an upgrade for the Redmi 4 model, Xiaomi using the same strategy for Redmi Note 4, that received an upgrade to Redmi Note 4X. Others say it might be Redmi 5.

The difference in design between Redmi 4 and this MAE136 model spotted on TENAA that it can’t to be same series. So the chances for it to the Redmi 5 are better.