Xiaomi beats Apple and Fitbit in wearables market in Q2

- Adrian Ungureanu

China’s Xiaomi claimed the first spot in wearables market in the second quarter of the year, as Fitbit lost their leading position from last year, falling to third. Apple placed second in this interval.

According to latest report from IDC, Xiaomi shipped 3.5 million devices in Q2 2017, claiming a 13.4% market share. Apple was second in terms of shipments and market share, as the Cupertino-based company shipped 3.4 million devices, increasing its market share from 2.3% in Q2 2016, to 3% Q2 2017.

Fitbit claims the last spot on the podium, but both is shipments and market share have drastically decreased. Last year, in Q2, Fitbit was shipping 5.7 million wearables, but this year managed to ship only 3.4 million. Thus its market share dropped from 49.7% in Q2 2016, to just 12.9% in Q2 this year.

The overall wearables market rose in Q2 2017 by 10.3%, to a total of shipments of 26.3 million.