Wanna know if you’re addicted to your smartphone? Motorola has a funny test to find out!

- Adrian Ungureanu

Motorola set up an interesting test on the official website for smartphone users to find out their dependency level or why not, independence from their handsets.

The test is valid for everyone, you do not have a Motorola smartphone. You are not asked for any names or email addresses, only in the end you will need to indicate the gender and tick the age range you belong to. So the test it’s not bothersome regarding personal data.

Certainly, many of you will expect to see some of the questions in the quiz. Surely some situations are not that strange to some of you. Some questions are funny, as well some of the answers. At the end you will be told at the level you are. Plus, you get a little description about how to use your smartphone everyday.

You can find the test by clicking here or the source link below. Start the test by hitting ‘take quiz’. From there you’re on your own. That if you want to know the truth. 😛