Vodafone Romania includes Smart X9 flagship in the smartphones offer


Vodafone has launched the Vodafone Smart X9, company’s latest flagship that offers top technology including an advanced camera, impressive all-screen design and high-performance Octa-core processor. The smartphone is designed and tested by Vodafone in Germany and it is available in Vodafone Romania’s smartphones offer in a stylish metallic Black Tungsten colour version.

Vodafone Smart X9 has a 5.7” 1080 x 2160 Full HD+ display delivering a crystal clear 18:9 aspect ratio cinematic experience.  It also features an advanced dual camera system (16MP + 5MP) with flash, offering photo modes like Portrait that allows users to take professional looking portrait shots – alongside Auto HDR and SloMo. This is complemented by an 8MP front-facing camera capable of taking wide angle selfies.

The smartphone is powered by a high-performance Octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 450 chipset running the latest Android™ 8.1 Oreo™ operating system for a cutting-edge mobile experience. Vodafone Smart X9 offers 32GB of internal storage plus the option to expand memory further by 256GB using the additional SD card slot.  The smartphone provides a 3100 mAh battery.

Vodafone Smart X9 comes with a suite of applications created especially by Vodafone to enable users to get the most from their smartphone. Private Space is a function that keeps user’s files safe, secure and hidden. Photos and videos can be locked in the app via password or fingerprint-based access, keeping them out of the main gallery.  Apps can also be locked with a password or fingerprint if needed.

Another feature is the Lock Screen Mute Switch. Enabling or disabling silent mode on Android devices can be a challenge, involving up to six steps from the lock screen for most users.  The lock screen ‘Mute Switch’ positioned next to the volume keys, provides a quick and easy way to enable or disable silent mode on the Vodafone device. Users swipe left to show the mute switch, then tap or swipe vertically to enable or disable silent mode.

The Emergency Mode function lets users in need quickly contact friends or family in an emergency – or even call the emergency services. In addition, Share My Journey feature can quickly and easily allow users to share their journey with selected friends or family.  Users can share their location for a specified amount of time, such as an hour a day, using their preferred channel such as WhatsApp™, Facebook™ or SMS.  The selected contacts can then keep track of the users’ journey progress via their own smartphone or PC.

Since launching in 2006, Vodafone has shipped more than 100 million devices – smartphones, tablets, mobile data products and broadband routers – to customers in over 40 markets. A Vodafone device is sold nearly every three seconds, giving millions of customers each year the benefits of the latest in innovation from one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.

Customers can buy the new Vodafone flagship in Vodafone Romania shops, in partners’ shops and on www.vodafone.ro. Vodafone Smart X9 can be bought for 54.99 euros with Super Red 15 and for 159 euros without subscription.