Vodafone Romania customers under 26 can win trips to Bali, Havana, Hong Kong, Dubai, Barcelona or Paris within Shake the World campaign

  • The campaign is available within the updated Vodafone Shake app

Vodafone Romania individual customers under 26 years of age can win trips and instant prizes from various partners by using the new option of the Vodafone Shake app, with the new Shake the World campaign.

The campaign addresses both subscribers and users of Cartela Vodafone. The new concept allows users to virtually reach a chosen destination by collecting kilometers which accumulate in their account each time they activate a free offer available in the application. When they arrive at the destination, they receive an instant prize and one chance for the draw to win the chosen trip, for two. There are six destinations available in the application from which users can choose: Bali, Havana, Hong Kong, Dubai, Barcelona and Paris. Shake the World campaign runs until October 11, 2018.

Vodafone Shake users can activate, free of charge, weekly offers: 10GB, Video (free traffic in most popular video apps), Social & Chat (free data traffic in top social media and chat applications) and Music (free traffic in a selection of music streaming apps). Free bonuses can be activated on a weekly basis and correspond to 300 km each, added in the user’s account. Customers can reactivate offers following the same steps made initially in the application. Moreover, the new, enriched version of Vodafone Shake app also includes a Daily Shake that adds 300 km every day to user’s account, 900 km at every 5 bonus activations and a 1-euro Power Shake offer that adds 1,500 km and a 10GB extra bonus available for 30 days.

The name Vodafone Shake comes from the original and funny method used for the activation of the selected offer: users must shake the phone until they receive the confirmation for the offer activation. The application can be downloaded from Play Store, for Android, and App Store, for iOS, and users can only activate it directly with their Facebook account. Customers who already use Vodafone Shake do not need to download the application again in order to access the newly added option and they simply have to update the app.

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