Vista Bank partners FinTech company Viva Wallet to offer innovative POS and e-commerce payment solutions to Romanian merchants


Vista Bank Romania launches innovative POS and e-commerce payment solutions in partnership with Viva Wallet, addressing merchants of all sizes and profiles, both offline and online, with tariffs which can decrease to almost zero. Viva Wallet is a European FinTech company providing services to businesses across the continent.

The payment solutions offer fast and easy activation, as well as acceptance of a wide range of payment methods both offline (POS) and online (e-commerce). They also provide 24/7 operational and settlement services, including on weekends, as well as attractive, personalized acquiring fees. Through the fully online platform, merchants can also monitor in real-time their customers’ transactions, which are settled automatically.

“Through this partnership we continue to consolidate our personalized banking services portfolio and offer our clients a flexible, superior alternative for accepting digital payments. Besides the advanced technology, efficient payment management tools and fast, few-minutes set-up, the merchants also benefit from a unique rewarding system that can reverse the acquiring and processing fees, leading thus to almost zero-acquiring costs and better profitability for their business” stated Antonios Mouzas, CEO, Vista Bank Romania.

Together with the POS and/or e-commerce solution, the merchant receives, free of charge, an associated debit business card, which allows payments for business expenses and cash withdrawal at millions of ATMs worldwide. Viva Wallet developed an innovative rewarding mechanism which returns the corresponding value of the acquiring fee for any amount paid by the merchant with the debit card, lowering the initial acquiring costs up to zero.

“Businesses today are demanding access to easy and instant payments. Our innovative solutions allow them to realize substantial cost savings when it comes to their acquiring and processing fees. We have built an always-on infrastructure which includes a full stack solution with issuing, acquiring and processing available from the same provider. Our real time settlement and local IBAN accounts in 17 European countries are helping drive a payments revolution across the continent.” said Haris Karonis, CEO, Viva Wallet.

The POS terminals come in a wide range of models, depending on the needs of each business, from classic to portable, wireless or full touch screen.

The payment solutions are available through Vista Bank network and also through Viva Wallet distribution channels.

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