This device might help you talk on the phone while driving and it costs less than a fine


We all know the fine in Romania for talking on the phone while driving without a hands-free kit can be as much as 290 to 435 lei, the equivalent of 2-3 points, until the end of the year, when it expires the exception introduced with the new Driving Code. But starting January 2019, the fine point could match up to the 10% minimum salary, 190 lei, hence the fine will jump to 380 to 570 lei.

What if you could pay less than 10% of the minimum salary for a hands-free kit that can help spare you from breaching the law and losing money, and could also modify the way you talk on the phone, for the better? The decision is yours, but here’s something to consider.

Hands free technology is not a new concept, but some people have not taken it on board yet. There are products on the market such as the Plantronics Explorer 55 which could help you avoid distractions while driving, thus potentially saving you future costs. A quality hands-free device, and not to mention the long period of functioning between recharging: 16 days in standby mode, and 11 hours of conversation, the popular Explorer 55 might be your new mobile choice. And, the Deep Sleep mode allows the headset to stay charged for up to 150 days.

The devices comes with an in-ear gel fixer and the ergonomic design allows you to both press it inside the ear’s pavilion while “answering” the phone call.

The Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity is available on a radium range of up to 10 m, without obstacles, so make sure you don’t forget your phone wherever you have a conversation!

Other features include echo and noise reduction, voice alerts announcing the headset battery status, multipoint technology and answer/ignore voice recognition.

Besides using it for phone calls, the Plantronics Explorer 55 can be used whenever you turn on the GPS orienteering applications, to have the directions indications right in your ear, while your passengers keep listening to the radio. While the device won’t help you drive better and can’t guarantee that you won’t ever get a fine after the laws change, your safety is in your hands but the Explorer 55 certainly is a solid option for you to consider when you want to reduce distraction while collaborating on the go.

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