The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone to ditch 3D Touch for a ”cover glass sensor”

- Adrian Ungureanu

Most rumors about Apple indicate that three iPhones will be launched in the fall this year, two with OLED screen and one with LCD, cheaper and somewhat less expensive.

The last one is said to have a 6.1-inch LCD screen, and therefore cheaper, and in order to cut costs, Apple seems to ditch one of the features used on its smartphones in recent years, namely the 3D Touch.

3D Touch allows you to activate additional options and functions by pressing the screen, but it is more expensive technology.

So, in order to lower costs, Apple is considering to install an additional panel/layer, a “cover glass sensor” (CGS), which means that the touch module is moved out of the display panel to the surface glass. That way Apple wants to replace, somehow the 3D Touch, and they kinda have too because there are apps that need the 3D Touch now.

At least that’s what Ming-Chi Kuo’s suggests in its latest report. He has provided fairly accurate information in the past, most of the times, so we are tempted to believe that information.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the new 6.1-inch LCD screen would cost around $550, which would be $150 less than the iPhone 8, which also has a 4.7-inch LCD, and is sold currently by Apple for $699.

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