Telekom Romania kept Romania connected all along the pandemic lockdown

  • Over 20% more mobile and fixed minutes consumption than average;
  • Increased consumption on the fixed and mobile internet, linear streaming and video segments;

Telekom Romania’s priority during this period was to keep Romania connected. The company actively communicated the safety measures taken to protect the employees, partners and customers to protect them and also responded to the growing needs of Romanians for the fixed internet, mobile and television segments. During this period, Telekom Romania offered services and products adapted to the social context throughout the lockdown.

Thus, Telekom Romania has prioritized part of its activities to secure its operations related to the maintenance and proper functioning of the network infrastructure, taking into account the increased demand registered during the pandemic, the critical and strategic role it plays in the country and its mission: to keep Romania connected.

Both fixed and mobile internet traffic marked a historic increase during this period, with an average increase of 25 percent compared to February in the context of the declaration by the Authorities of the State of Emergency. During the same period, the voice traffic increased by 24% compared to the period before the pandemic. The following month, during the Easter holidays, Constantin and Elena, Saint Gheorghe and Labour Day there were registered record increases in the voice segment, which shows the need of Romanians to keep in touch with their loved ones. The customers habits changed. The call peaks moved from 11:00 – 12:00 to 19:00 – 20:00, during this period. The duration of calls also increased by 20%, in the mobile voice area and up to 50% in the fixed voice area.

As for television segment, this year, users consumed 52% more content, according to a survey conducted by ISRA Center in May. Also, the number of Telekom TV application users increased by 20% compared to February, thus showing another change in customer behaviour.

Another objective of Telekom Romania during the pandemic was to protect the life and well-being of employees by relocating over 64% of employees to work from home, which meant extra effort to maintain the network infrastructure in normal parameters for Telekom’s employee and customers.

Telekom Romania has encountered many challenges in its effort to keep Romania connected in the current context. On the one hand, it was an internal effort to relocate the 3,200 employees to work from home in a matter of days, but also externally, to maintain services in normal parameters for residential and business customers through specific actions to avoid network congestion and service interruptions. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that we need to be careful in the network areas that deserve residential customers because people will continue to work or study from home, and we must complete our mission,” said Vladan Pekovic, Executive Director of Technology and Information Telekom Romania.

The reality of the pandemic took everybody by surprise. We mobilized quickly and we managed to materialize the promise to keep Romania connected. We have achieved our goal of meeting the growing demand for connectivity and communication for customers in a completely secure environment and without major service disruptions, and this would not have been possible without the help of all company employees. In the future, we will adapt to the new context and we will continue our transformation so as to serve our customers as well as before”, said Miroslav Majoros, CEO, Telekom Romania.

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