Telekom Romania is celebrating 2 years of #BUSINESSLIBER with an unprecedented winter holidays offer for companies: 6 months of free services upon the acquisition of a 5 euro mobile subscription, with unlimited benefits

  • 6 months of free mobile telephony services for the entrepreneurs, upon the acquisition of a subscription with 4G internet, national minutes and SMS’s, all unlimited. The price of the subscription after the 6 free months will be 5 euro/ month without VAT;
  • Free secured mobile data connection, for 6 months, through NetSecurity solution;

Telekom Romania is celebrating 2 years from the launch of #BUSINESSLIBER promise, with a new offer that changes the rules of the game on the telecom market: 6 months of free services for all the entrepreneurs that acquire a mobile subscription of 5 euro, between 4th-31st of December 2019.

Right before the winter holidays, Telekom continues to reply to the question „What do Romanians want?” with an offer that helps the entrepreneurs to forget about the worries related to the telecommunications services with the help of the subscription with 4G internet, national minutes and SMS’s, all unlimited, at 5 euro/month without VAT. All the entrepreneurs who will acquire this subscription between 4th-31st of December 2019, will enjoy 6 months free of charge for both the benefits included in the subscription and the solution for the protection of the mobile data service connection, NetSecurity.

Furthermore, upon the activation of the 5 euro/month mobile subscription with 6 months of free services, corporate customers will be able to access the Mobile Extra option, which provides them with flexibility regarding the monthly costs, along special offers for the acquisition of smart phones during the winter holidays.

While celebrating two years since we have made the #BUSINESSLIBER promise to the Romanian entrepreneurs, we are taking another step further and offering them as holiday present, more freedome and security for their business, through a new unprecedented offer on the telecom market. #BUSINESSLIBER has been, from the beginning, the entrepreneurs’ business declaration, their release from conditions, restrictions, contractual limits and high costs and has represented our efforts to reinvent ourselves with each step, to change the rules of the game, more courage and more perseverance to trully support the growth of the Romanian business environment. This offer reflects the mentality that has guided us during the two years of #BUSINESSLIBER and is a natural consequence of our series of initiatives meant to support the Romanian entrepreneurs” – said Ovidiu Ghiman, Chief Commercial Officer, Business Segment, Telekom Romania.

The successful track record of the two years of  #BUSINESSLIBER during which Telekom Romania has challenged the status quo on the telecom market, through offers and campaigns designed to respond to the needs of the Romanian entrepreneurs is:

  • over 200,000 users of Freedom Mobile subscriptions;
  • two programmes initiated to support and accelerate the businesses of the entrepreneurs at the beginning of their path: WeAccelerate and Guerrilla Camp;
  • 200,000 euros invested in the promotion of 10 entrepreneurs that have changed the rules of the game in the Romanian business sector, through #GAMECHANGERS programme;
  • Mentorship, cyber security solutions aimed at protecting the businesses and vouchers for business trips that contributed to the slash of the transport costs, offered to Romanians entrepreneurs through MyAccount app;
  • Exclusive experiences to UEFA Champions League finale, to the games of the national footbal team for Euro 2020 preliminaries and to the Formula 1 World Championship from 2019 or evenings at the cinema, that we offered to the companies to help them consolidate and motivate their teams.

For details related to Telekom Romania’s winter holidays offer for companies, the entrepreneurs can call  1921 – free unique contact number for corporate customers, available in Telekom network – or can request  information from the dedicated sales consultants.

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