Telekom Romania increases services’ prices starting March 1st, 2020


Telekom Romania is committed to offer the best services with the best value for money, seeking to offer what Romanians want in terms of telecommunication and entertainment.

The reaction of the customers to the services and offers launched last year, demonstrates that Telkom Romania is acting in line with his commitment. Thus, according to internal surveys, Telekom Romania’s customers are more likely to recommend its products and services: 69% of the customers who use Mobil Nelimitat* would highly recommend the service, while 74% of the ones who own a Smart WiFi** device would do the same.

All the transformations done by Telekom Romania to improve customer experience resulted in remarkable performance in Call Centers. According to company data, in Q4 2019, over 92% of the customers’ inquiries and requests were solved by Telekom agents within the first call.

As a result of the increase of costs associated with the provision of communications services and also in order to continue to ensure economic viability, Telekom Romania needs to change the conditions of electronic communications services and to increase some of the tariffs of the communication services in its portfolio. The change adjustment is also influenced by the increasing costs in the all business sectors, in the current economic landscape.

Thus, for the residential customers, starting from March 1st, 2020, the price for each fixed service (internet, TV and voice – this if in a bundle) and for each mobile subscription, will be increased with 2 lei VAT included (0.42 euros VAT included) per service. All customers will be informed of the changes, through electronic channels and written notifications send via couriers.

This adjustment does not apply to rates on contracted equipment, terminals or fixed equipment rentals. It will not apply to fixed telephony service if the customer has only the voice service from Telekom Romania.

The business customers will also receive written notifications announcing the changes in their contracts as well for the provision of electronic communications services concluded with Telekom Romania.

Even in this context, our customers will continue to benefit from high quality services, at competitive prices.

Telekom Romania is thanking to the customers who have almost eight million services for the full range of services, retail and corporate, for understanding the macroeconomic and business constraints, which led this decision. We are confident that the quality and consistency of services delivered will fully compensate these adjustments.

Telekom Romania has launched, for the first time, the #Netliberare offers, with unlimited 4G internet, without a minimum contract period in the mobile subscriptions.

Mobil Nelimitat is an innovative product – the first pre-to-post sim card – that allows customers to subscribe, on average, in less than 5 minutes, through a completely digital experience, with easy steps to follow.

Smart WIFI, the first internet solution without cables, is the service that covers the need for fixed Internet access wherever the customer is. It is easy to use and does not require installation (no holes in the walls and extra cables in the house), but only a source of electricity, and the customer has immediate access to the Unlimited 4G Internet with the help of the WiFi router.

* The Mobil Nelimitat survey was realized on 2,280 respondents between July and December 2019.
** The Smart WiFi study was made on 3,564 respondents, between October 2019 and January 2020.

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