Telekom Romania announces the porting offer that makes the entrepreneurs happier: mobile subscription with 50% discount for 12 months, unlimited benefits and no minimum contract period

  • Freedom 5 subscription with unlimited benefits and 50% discount in the first 12 months after porting, without minimum contract period;
  • 4G Smartphone in installments plus Freedom 5 subscriptions at only 7 euro/month in total, in the first 12 months;
  • The offers are for the customers who choose to port in the Telekom Romania network between February 13th, 2020 and March 29th, 2020.

Telekom Romania continues its mission to simplify and facilitate the access of entrepreneurs to the best communication solutions. The company brings a spring offer for business customers with new benefits that will make them happier, based on the needs and desires of the entrepreneurs to have no barriers and limitations in communication.

Companies that will join the Telekom Romania network between February 13th, 2020 and March 29th, 2020 and will opt for the Freedom 5 subscription will benefit of 4G internet, minutes and SMSes, all unlimited, with 50% reduction in the cost of the subscription during the first 12 months. Thus, they will only pay 2.5 euro / month excluding VAT (approximately 12 lei / month excluding VAT) in the first 12 months after porting and 5 euros / month excluding VAT after this period.

At the same time, Telekom comes with a special offer for customers who want to receive support for financing, without interest and without initial investment, the equipment they need for their business, for a period between 1 month and 36 months, at the client’s choice. Thus, the customers companies that will buy the Huawei Y6S phone in installments together with the Freedom 5 subscription will pay in total only 7 euros / month excluding VAT (approximately 33.5 lei / month excluding VAT). This price includes subscription plus the installment for the phone. Those who opt for Samsung A10, together with Freedom 5, will pay a total of only 8 euros / month excluding VAT, for the subscription plus the terminal monthly payment (about 38 lei / month excluding VAT). At the end of the discount period, if there are monthly payment rates for the phone, the monthly price for the subscription plus smartphone will be 9.5 euro / month excluding VAT (45 lei + VAT) for Huawei Y6S, respectively 10.5 euro / month excluding VAT (approximately 50 lei + VAT) for Samsung A10. The facility of payment in installments of the smartphone remains valid only during the period when the Freedom 5 subscription thus contracted remains active, otherwise the remaining rates of payment becoming automatically due.

For more than two years now, we have changed the rules of the game by launching #BUSINESSLIBER. We listened to our customers and removed the subscription limitations, always optimizing services. We know what Romanians want: cost optimization, secure connections and competitive offers of high-performance phones, purchased in installments. The new offer encourages the porting of the entrepreneurs in the Telekom network and supports their daily needs, helping them to develop their businesses”, said Ovidiu Ghiman, Commercial Executive Director, Business Segment, Telekom Romania.

A study carried out by the company in January 2020, on a nationally representative sample of 350 new business clients, shows that over 70% of the entrepreneurs who have joined Telekom Romania are more satisfied with the telecommunications services they use now.

In the same study, over 80% of the company’s customers recommend Telekom as a reliable provider for mobile services and for fixed-mobile integrated solutions. To these solutions, one adds the ICT ones, which are customized to the specific of each business.

More information about the new spring offers is available on the website