Telekom Romania announces the 10th edition of the „Telekom Scholarships” program, which supports the performance of young people in education

  • The anniversary edition marks a decade since the launch of the “Telekom Scholarships” program, during which the company has been actively involved in supporting young people with outstanding academic results;
  • Over 2,200 applicants, over 400,000 euros offered through monthly scholarships, 110 students have benefited from financial support provided by Telekom Romania, since the launch of the program until now;
  • The 10th edition of „Telekom Scholarships” program addresses students in the first grade, enrolled in a state university in Romania, in the field of Sciences;  
  • 5 students will benefit from a 2.080 lei monthly scholarship, offered during January – June and October – December 2020.

Telekom Romania announces the launch of the 10th edition of „Telekom Scholarships” program, aiming to identify and support 5 young people with outstanding academic results.

The program addresses students in the first grade in a higher education institution in Romania, in full-time education, in the field of automation and computers, cybernetics, informatics, mathematics, electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunication and information technology. The financial support is worth 2,080 lei per month for each student, amount granted during January – June and October – December 2020.

„Telekom Scholarships” program is part of the series of Telekom Romania initiatives to support education and digitization of society, in the context of Romania having a shortfall in the employment of ICT specialists, ranking 27th out of the 28 EU Member States in the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). Only 2.1% of ICT specialists are employed, compared to the EU average of 3.7%, and only 29% of people aged 16-74 have basic digital skills, almost half compared to EU level  (57% overall).

For 10 years Telekom Romania has been supporting and encouraging the performance of young people in education through the Telekom Scholarships program. Since the launch of the program, over 2,200 students with outstanding academic results have given us their trust and applied for a scholarship, and 110 of them have received financial support from Telekom.

We are convinced that the over 400,000 euros allocated to the scholarships represented a necessary investment for these young people to have the chance to maximize their potential in Romania. We want the Telekom Scholarships program to continue to offer future leaders the chance to pursue their passion for the field of study, to be the partner and support they need at the beginning of their professional journey”, said Ruxandra Voda, Corporate Communications Director, Telekom Romania.

„Telekom Scholarships” competition is organized in two phases. The first one, which is also eliminatory, involves completing and submitting a registration form to Telekom Romania on the dedicated website 10 finalists will be selected and will qualify for the second phase, the interview with the jury, which will designate the 5 winners of the scholarships.

The 10th edition of the “Telekom Scholarships” program takes place from November 18, 2019 to January 15, 2020, as follows:

  • November 18, 2019, 08:00 – December 15, 2019, 23.59 – registration of candidates on the website;
  • January 10, 2020 – announcement of the 10 finalists;
  • January 14, 2020 – interview session with the jury “Telekom Scholarships”;
  • January 15, 2020 – announcement of the 5 winning students.

The jury of „Telekom Scholarships” consists of professionals in the field of communication and specialized academic staff: Cristina Bazavan – Blogger, Europa FM and Radio 21 journalist, Emil Cazacu – Professor Doctor Engineer, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Mihaela Perianu – Founder and Managing Partner, AIMS Executive Search & Consulting, Sorin Psatta – Lecturer, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, University of Bucharest and Integrated Communication Director, Graffiti BBDO Romania and Ruxandra Voda – Corporate Communications Director, Telekom Romania.

„Telekom Scholarships” is a Corporate Responsibility program of Telekom Romania, aiming to identify young people with a potential to become leaders, passionate about their field of studies, with outstanding academic results and well-defined career goals, which are involved in extracurricular and volunteering activities. The program was launched in 2010 and since it has supported students with outstanding performance in their field of study. Up to now, 110 students at prestigious universities in Romania have benefited from financial support from Telekom. More details about „Telekom Scholarships” program are available on

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