Swype Keyboard to be discontinued

- Adrian Ungureanu

I do not know how many fans of the Swype Keyboard are left out there, but it was a time when it was cool to try this virtual keyboard. To swipe your messages away. But one thing is clear, Nuance Communications is giving up the app.

The Swype keyboard will no longer be updated on Android devices, and iOS users will not even find it anymore, because it wont be offered anymore from Apple’s AppStore.

There wan’t any public announcement yet, but this was confirmed by many users who, after trying to get technical support to fix some bugs and were notified by Nuance that they no longer support Swype Keyboard.

The company has been focusing for some time on AI solutions dedicated to the business segment and neglecting its products dedicated to consumers. So it is very likely that this is the end of Swype’s career.

Those who like to write messages by swiping, they have Gboard from Google and SwiftKey from Microsoft.