Starting July, Samsung will buy LCD panels for its TVs from LG Display

- Adrian Ungureanu

Though they are big rivals, locally and globally, the two tech giants from South Korean can still do business together.

Samsung lost its previous LCD panels supplier, the Japanese company Sharp, which was bought by Foxconn, Apple’s biggest partner. After the purchase, Sharp notified Samsung that they will no longer supply them with LCD panels, keeping them, instead, for their Aquos TVs.

In this situation, Samsung’s better option was to contact their local rivals. So, LG Display will start shipping TV LCD panels to Samsung in July. This is not just a rumor since, the deal was confirmed by LG Display CEO Han Sang-beom.

This would be a first – one of the Korean giants using panels manufactured by the other. Samsung makes its own panels, but is in the process of switching over to the new QLED technology.