SoftOne’s Cloud ERP supports mobile telephony retailers


With increased competition on the telecom retail market and pressure from the online sellers, a group of retailers has picked a cloud-based business management solution to boost their performance and operational efficiency.

IQBOX, IQFIX and Cosmos Mobile have chosen to use SoftOne’s Soft1 Cloud ERP in daily business, enjoying increased agility and faster response time to market conditions changes.

Telecom is a domain in which the applications in the portfolio of SoftOne bring a huge value in the operational, financial and other areas. In this case we talk about a group of three visionary companies, which represent a model for the market in Romania and act complementary, but have different activities since they operate in different domains, each with its specific. All three use now SP1 ERP and the implementation of our solution was quick to bring significant benefits for the management, stores’ operators and, most important, to end users. Our role remains to support the business environment in Romania, especially the SME market to reach the highest level of automatization and fluidization of flows, but also to generate a healthy and sustainable growth”, says Alexandra Lucescu, Commercial Director, SoftOne Romania, the most important cloud-based ERP provider in Romania, member of the Olympia Group.

This successful collaboration began several years ago when Cosmos implemented this powerful platform designed to augment human effectiveness through an extensive array of innovative technologies such as Intelligent Artificial Intelligence,  Machine Learning or Business Automation solutions.

As the business of Cosmos Mobile grew, we extended our collaboration with SoftOne for with IQBox and IQFix, as a natural business choice. The solution offered allows us to see and analyse all the business drivers relevant for our activity, to make informed decisions accordingly and have access to real-time information, transforming into a data-driven, results-oriented business relying the activity on concrete data”, said Lefteris Koklas, general manager IQBox.

Following this implementation, IQBox has increased with 72% the efficiency of the operational costs and maintenance within the first 12 months. The management gained access in real time to info regarding all sales operations and the possibility to list complex sales reports down to product, area, store level. All these allowed the optimization of operations – mirrored by the time saving and an increased level of satisfaction of the customer.

Among the companies that use SoftOne products are well-known brands on the Romanian market such as: Plafar, Simeria Luca, Leonardo Shoes Market, Hippoland Romania, Calif Kebap Boutique, Oscar Downstream, Teilor Jewelery, and many more.