Snapdragon 845 officially announced! Samsung will make them, Xiaomi among the first clients

- Adrian Ungureanu

Qualcomm has been keeping the headlines in the past few months, but more with their legal disputes against Apple and less with their technologies, so it was about time to focus on their business, too.

They’ve officially announced the next generation of flagship chipsets, the Snapdragon 845. They will be the top chipset that will equip the premium and high end Android smartphones in 2018.

Like in 2017, Qualcomm’s top chipsets will be made by Samsung, so it’s natural to expect that the Korean tech giant to get the first batch of Snapdragon 845, like it did this year with the Snapdragon 835. Maybe next year the other smartphone makers won’t have to wait to long for them as they did this year.

Xiaomi will be again the second in line to get the new chipsets, as they were this year, when Qualcomm offered the Snapdragon 835 at a discounted price, so the Chinese firm would ditch the Mediatek chipsets.

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