Smartphone market kept growing in 2016, but at a slower pace

- Adrian Ungureanu

Smartphone sales continued to grow in 2016, but due to some hiccups of some giants of the market the pace slowed considerably, to a 5% increase in volume. That being said, the overall smartphone sales worldwide reached a volume of 1.495 billion units in 2016.

Samsung and Apple kept their rule over the global market in 2016, but their sales and market share have shrunk, while Chinese manufacturers, Huawei, Oppo and BBK (owner of Oppo, vivo and One Plus brands) kept increasing their share due to good performance on Chinese market.

Among all, Oppo’s increase was the biggest of all. They sold over 85,3 million smartphones in 2016, with 116% more than they did in 2015, increasing their market share from 2,8% to 5,7%, according to the most recent report from Gartner.

Check the table bellow to see how the top smartphone producers performed in 2016. Oppo’s sales weren’t accounted to BBK overall.

Source: Gartner