Samsung’s upcoming wearables to be dubbed Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung is still set to produce new smartwatches and and fitness bands, a segment which over the last couple of years has lost much of its attractiveness and, above all, the sales boost it had in the beginning.

The market decreasing, and the market leader is Apple. But Samsung is not ready to give up on wearables. At least not after Samsung’s latest moves, as they have trademarked the  “Galaxy Watch” and “Galaxy Fit” monikers. That’s a clear sign that the current names “Gear S” and “Gear Fit” are no longer liked by the company’s officials.

The new trademarks have been registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

There have been some rumors that Samsung will launch a Gear S4, but this new information, while confirming that new smartwatches and fitness bands are on their way, they will clearly not have the same names as those before them.