Samsung opens new AI Centers in UK, Canada and Russia

- Adrian Ungureanu

The Korean tech giant has announced the expansion of its AI research capabilities globally by opening new AI Centers in three different parts of the world.

Samsung Research, the advanced R&D hub of Samsung Electronics’ SET (end-products) Business, announced plans to establish three artificial intelligence (AI) Centers in Cambridge, the U.K. (May 22nd), Toronto, Canada (May 24th) and Moscow, Russia (May 29th) to strengthen the company’s AI capabilities and explore the potential of user-centric AI.

Samsung Research has led the latest effort in expanding the global AI research capabilities of Samsung Electronics and has converged its AI expertise with the creation of the new AI Centers. Samsung Research also oversaw the creation of the new AI Centers in Seoul last November and in Silicon Valley in January. With the addition of the three new AI Centers, Samsung Research will operate five AI Centers around the world.

Also, by securing global AI experts, Samsung Research plans to expand its number of advanced AI researchers to a total of about 1,000 globally by 2020.