Samsung might be blocked by Qualcomm from selling its Exynos processors

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung is not selling its Exynos processors to other smartphone manufacturers and the general belief is that the Korean tech giant might not want to give its technology to others, but it seems that’s not true.

A report out of South Korea claims that Samsung did try to sell its chipsets to others but was blocked by Qualcomm. The company apparently “abused the standard essential patent” license to stop Samsung from selling its modems and integrated chipsets for more than 25 years.

The only chance for Samsung to get rid off this arrangement is if Fair Trade Commission of South Korea will win the case against Qualcomm for abusing its market power. “Samsung Electronics has been blocked from selling its modem chipsets to other smartphone manufacturers due to a license deal it signed with Qualcomm,” it said in the resolution of this case, cited by Korean media.

The Fair Trade Commission has already levied an estimated $873 million in fines on Qualcomm following an investigation which concluded that the chipmaker had used its market position unfairly in Korea by refusing to give licenses to other chipset manufacturers and also by demanding high fees for its patents used by manufacturers. Qualcomm has filed an appeal and an application for a stay of the decision in a court of law.