Samsung Galaxy S9 series reaches 1 million units sold – Way, way slower than Galaxy S8

- Adrian Ungureanu

Well, Samsung wanted to brag that they sold more than 1 million units of the Galaxy S9 smartphones since the series was released in March.

The Korean tech giant said sales of the Galaxy S9, which was released on March 16, hovered above 1 million as of this week. The announcement marked the first time that Samsung revealed sales figures of the latest flagship device.

The Galaxy S9 trailed last year’s phone the S8 and the S2 that was unveiled in 2011. Last year’s Galaxy S8 reached the milestone in only 37 days, and the numbers for the older S2 tallied at 40 days.

The reasons are the prices that are still high and the fact that the new Galaxy S9 series, looks more like an update for the Galaxy S8, with not changes in the design and no real stunning features that might appeal to the customers. And no, AR Emoji are not a good selling point. They’re still pretty bad.