Samsung Galaxy A9 Star and his little brother A9 Lite spotted in real life pics

- Adrian Ungureanu

A few hours earlier we were showing you a short video showing of a Samsung smartphone, rumored to be Galaxy A9 Star, but now it appears in the two pictures that accompany this article, along with his brother Galaxy A9 Lite.

So Samsung will launch another mid-range series of smartphone this year, in addition to the Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A6 series. Like the series mentioned earlier, the Galaxy A9 will be made up of two models too.

The difference in branding is that Samsung isn’t going with the “Plus” thing anymore. The one with lower specs will be dubbed A9 Lite, while his bigger brother will be called A9 Star. The two smartphones seem to be specially made for Asian markets as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia ar o the list o countries where the new Galaxy A9 series will be launched.