Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) to be launched in just 3 European countries?

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung fans in Europe might not like this but it seems that the 2018 version of Galaxy A7 might not be released all over the Old Continent.

The guys ar Sammobile report that one of their sources claims that the Galaxy A7 (2018) might get released only in Germany, Russia and Poland. The reason behind such a decision is not yet known, but it might be because the Galaxy A5 is more popular that the A7 in Europe.

But I doubt that Galaxy A7 is such an unpopular smartphone that Samsung would decide not to launch the 2018 variant in so many countries all over Europe. Besides, the guys at Sammobile have their own doubts, so we need to wait for confirmation.

Otherwise, I guess it’ll be a disappointment for some Samsung fans.