Rumor: HMD Global might unveil Nokia 7 this week


One thing is sure, HMD Global will present a Nokia smartphone in China this week and there’s no doubt about it, because the Finnish company sent invites to Chinese journalist for an event that will take place Thursday, October 19.

The company doesn’t offer to many clues so that’s why speculations have started that it’s going to be Nokia 7, because there’s a “qi” in one of the illustrations, and they say “qi” refers to 7.

The thing is that rumors about Nokia 7 stopped at the beginning of the summer and most rumors and leaks referred to Nokia 2 and Nokia 9. It could be that the “Nokia 9” moniker has been left out of the question again as it happened with the Nokia 8. With just a week before its launch, everybody thought it’s going to be called Nokia 9, but in the end HMD Global choose the Nokia 8 moniker.

Still as you will see in the illustration bellow, there’s a phone silhouette and it’s pretty different than most of the renders of Nokia 9, like this one. It actually looks more like the renders of Nokia 2 we’ve seen recently. There’s also a “2” in the image, but that’s just a count down, because a screenshot from yesterday showed the same illustration but with the number “3”.

Anyway, there’s just two days until will find what’s this event about.