Qualcomm sues Apple again!

- Adrian Ungureanu

Qualcomm found a new reason to sue Apple again and this time the chipmaker is even accusing the Cupertino-based tech giant that it provided important technologies to Qualcomm’s rivals at Intel.

Not long ago, the Qualcomm officials said they think all will be over, and the two companies will settle of things off court, but the chipmaker is just making things worse as they filed a legal lawsuit against Apple on Wednesday in California state court in San Diego adding one more to the list of ongoing trials. Qualcomm says that Apple has failed to abide by the terms and conditions of the software license and has used its unprecedented access to feed the code to its rival Intel.

Qualcomm alleges that Apple under the contract had to ensure that the Apple engineers who are working on the Qualcomm project shouldn’t communicate about the Qualcomm chipsets with the Apple engineers working on other modem and chipset from Intel. Apple, however, stayed away from commenting on the issue.

The new lawsuit appears just soon after speculation about Apple ditching Qualcomm’s modems in favour of those made by MediaTek, so Qualcomm suing Apple looks more like retaliation in response to those news.

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