OPEN LETTER: Telekom Romania proposes to Discovery Networks the solution of reintroducing their channels


Telekom Romania has expressed today its clear wish to reintroduce Discovery Networks programs into its program grid. The intent was communicated through an open letter. The content of the letter and the solution proposed by Telekom Romania are public information and can be found below.


Date: 10.01.2020

To: Victoria Davies, SVP Country Manager Discovery Networks CEE, Mediterranean and Central Asia
CC: To Whom It May Concern – document subject to public disclosure without any restriction whatsoever, for full transparent information of the public

OPEN LETTER: Telekom Romania proposes to Discovery Networks the solution of reintroducing their channels in Romania’s second largest TV company program grids

Dear Victoria,

Telekom Romania has always believed in customer centricity, which embodies our ultimate goal of delivering precisely what Romanians want. I am sending this open letter to you and, in the spirit of full transparency and openness, to all media and throughout all communication channels available, to make sure my approach is heard loud and clear.

Given the leading position on the Romanian communications market, and for the passionate minority represented by the customers watching these TV channels and who expressed their desire to keep watching them, Telekom Romania is open to full conciliation with Discovery Networks.

Telekom Romania has the pleasure of inviting Discovery to talks on creating a Discovery-Eurosport extra option or package that each and every customer can take up individually and optionally. Telekom Romania is publicly announcing that the rates Discovery would charge for this extra-option will bear no profitability or technical fee – meaning that Telekom will not add any mark-up on these rates. Instead, every Leu of the tariff will go straight to Discovery.

This is a public call for reaching an agreement to the full benefit of our customers and for all other Romanians accidentally exposed to Discovery’s unreasonable public campaign, wrongly apportioning blame on Telekom without accepting equal responsibility for the outcome of the talks.

And to demonstrate the deep concern regarding the customers’ preferences and wellbeing, Telekom Romania is fully confident that Discovery will positively respond to this invitation, to fulfil the demands of the customers and to seize the chance offered to reintroduce their channels into Romania’s second largest TV company, whose prices are now amongst the smallest on the market.

Very best regards,

Andreas Elsner,
Chief Commercial Officer- Residential Segment, Telekom Romania

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