OnePlus CEO wanted to make fun of Xiaomi, but it turned into an epic fail


There was a lot of fuss around Xiaomi’s deleted Twitter poll regarding the pure Android and their MIUI interface. The company wanted to know if the users prefer the stock Android interface, or their own interface.

Nothing wrong there, but as soon as the results revealed an overwhelming victory for the pure Android, Xiaomi deleted the poll. Let’s face it. It was pretty embarrassing for the Chinese company.

The guys at OnePlus, the company that make the famous “Flagship Killers”, a team of funny guys, thought they might do the same. To see if the smartphone users prefer the stock Android or they’re own modified version of Android the OxygenOS.

The survey was initiated by Szymon Kopec, Product Manager at OnePlus. Not long after the start of the voting, the results were in favor of the OxygenOS by quite a margin – 77% for their version and just 23% for the pure Android.

Carl Pei must’ve thought it would be funny to write something. So it commented “Don’t delete this poll”. Of course, he was trolling Xiaomi. It must’ve been funny at the point. But only 31 votes were cast.

But as more than 10,000 users participated to the survey, the odds turned in favor of the Android pure big time. 58% of the voters chose the Google vanilla experience, while the other 42% went for the OxygenOS.

We bet that Pei doesn’t laugh as hard now. The only thing left for Szymon Kopec was to thanks the participants to his poll and to say that they are feeling even more motivated to further work on OxygenOS and improve the product.