Nokia sued on Valentine’s Day by BlackBerry for patent infringement

- Adrian Ungureanu

There was no love between BlackBerry and Nokia on 14 February, as the Canadians sued the Finnish company for patent infringement.

BlackBerry has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Nokia in Delaware, alleging that the Finnish company’s mobile products like Flexi Multiradio base stations, radio network controllers, and Liquid Radio software are using patents that BlackBerry holds.

BlackBerry says some of the patents in question are those it acquired in 2011 as part of a group that bought Nortel’s patents for $4.5 billion after the company’s bankruptcy. BlackBerry was part of a group of companies that purchased the patents, which were then divided up between members of the group.

Nokia had attempted to buy these patents in 2009 before the bankruptcy proceedings against Nortel, but with no luck.

Nokia lost a whole portfolio of patents when the phone business was sold to Microsoft, so its likely that the Finnish might have used some technologies that were already patented by others.