Nokia 8 Pro to be launched in the summer, Nokia 9 in the fall

- Adrian Ungureanu

Nokia 9 is by far the most mentioned name in the rumors about the smartphones prepared by HMD Global, but which has never materialized. At least, not for the moment.

Meanwhile, HMD Global has already released two versions of Nokia 8, the latest being the Sirocco model, presented at the MWC 2018. This was supposed to be the Nokia 9 ready for 2017, but as we got in 2018, HMD supposedly didn’t wanted to launch it with this name so has chosen to be marketed as an enhanced version of Nokia 8.

But now there are rumors new about the launch of Nokia 9. But we still have to wait. It should be powered by a Snapdragon 845 chipset and would have a penta-camera mounted at the back. The 5 sensors would not work together at the same time. They would have different specs and would rotate as a revolver inside the phone to meet the users requirements.

However, it will be launched in the second half of this year, in September, which seems to be a bit late and HMD Global who needs a flagship with Snapdragon 845 on board.

This is were the launch of a new version of the Nokia 8 model comes in. This version would be called the Nokia 8 Pro and will be released somewhat earlier in August. The original Nokia 8 was released in August last year, so it makes sense.

But for the time being, all this information are still mere rumors, given the lack of official clues.