New project EnterTrain aims to enhance the elderlies’ health and quality of life


EnterTrain is a research project funded by AAL-JP with the aim to enhance the health and quality of life of independently living older adults by motivating them for physical Training in an Entertaining way. The project with duration of 36 months (April 2016 – March 2019) and a total budget of 3.1 Million Euros brings together scientific experts from visual computing and intelligent 3D sensors, sociological and take carer experts, and SMEs from the game and software development domains.

The objective of EnterTrain is to enhance the health and the quality of life of independently living older adults by motivating them for physical Training in an Entertaining way. It can enhance the quality of life by reducing risks of some chronic diseases and relieve depression. Additionally, it has positive effects on fall prevention, the mobility and consequently supports people towards a more independent life.

In the context of the EnterTrain project, an exercise gaming platform is developed and evaluated in cooperation with end-users, combining three core aspects of AAL: technology, end-user and interoperability. New, innovative technology for sensing relevant mobility and gaming characteristics of individuals is used to drive a personalized gaming platform. With novel 3D sensors motion of older adults is analysed, a mobility and behaviour model is learned over time and allows to assess the mobility automatically. From an end-users perspective, the increase of quality of life is the primary goal of EnterTrain. This includes motivation and physical activity of older adults as well as the improvement of their self-esteem. In order to ensure that the developed system is in line with the end-users’ needs, end-users are continuously involved throughout the project. Interoperability with existing AAL systems and services is tackled by the use of open standards and a commonly used 3D sensor.

The consortium consists of 8 partner organizations and is led by CogVis Software and Consulting GmbH (Austria). The consortium is well-balanced in terms of involvement of SME partners: SilverFit BV (The Netherlands), BluePoint (Romania); Academic and research institutions: TU Wien, Computer Vision Lab (Austria), University of Vienna, Department of Sociology (Austria), Geriatrische Klinik St. Gallen (Switzerland); Charitable aid organizations as end-user partners : Samariterbund Wien (Austria), and National Foundation for the Elderly (The Netherlands).