Motorola is going for the notch with an interesting new smartphone

- Adrian Ungureanu

Motorola will soon be joining the ever growing group of smartphone makers who have followed the new trend launched by Apple with their iPhone X –  the notched screens to be precise.

The American brand is preparing a new model called Motorola One Power. It’s an interesting phone in many ways. First of all, as I said earlier, it comes with a design similar to iPhone X. We can clearly see the notched screen and camera module placed in the same position as the Apple flagship.

Secondly, it is that it will be part of the Google Android One initiative. That is, the phone will have a pure Android operating system without any other interfaces or applications added by the manufacturer. The Android as designed by Google.

And finally, and maybe the most important thing is its name. Motorola is owned by the Chinese at Lenovo, and the phones launched after the takeover came with the Moto brand. We usually have Moto by Lenovo or Motorola Moto, well now we have only Motorola One Power.

Apart from the above image, obtained by Android Headlines, we do not have any other information. But taking into account that it has the word “Power” in the name, it will most likely be a model that will also have a big battery. At least this is what I think. But it’s better to wait for other details to show up before making any assumptions.