MiVia Essential 350 – the world’s first wearable with built-in ECG sensor and NASA technology

- Adrian Ungureanu

MiTAC Europe launches the MiVia Essential 350, the world’s first activity band that uses a built-in ECG sensor with NASA EMD Technology to accurately measure heart rates.

Designed to be more than just another activity wearable, the ECG monitor also allows users to access Health & Body Index data and improve it through a unique Breath Training feature, making the Essential 350 the perfect tool for users to lead a healthier and more balanced life.

With the accuracy of activity bands often called into question, users of the MiVia Essential 350 can rely on the wristband to deliver a more precise heart rate measurement than standard optical heart rate monitors (OHR). The accuracy of the ECG (electrocardiography) is down to the pulse being taken directly from heart, rather than through PPG (photoplethysmogram) from the wrist artery, which the OHR method is based on.

The launch of the MiVia Essential follows the introduction of its medically-certified sister, the MiCor A100, to the healthcare market earlier this year to help medical professionals monitor heart rates for symptoms of cardiac problems.

NASA EMD Technology as world’s first
The MiVia Essential 350 is the very first consumer wearable worldwide to make use of the special NASA EMD technology. The NASA EMD Technology also makes the Health Index and the Breath measurement work optimally. It’s difficult to monitor the breathing rhythm by ECG without EMD because when the signal is detected by the ECG sensor, there is lot of irrelevant signal, thus the heart rate waveform is unclear.

This algorithm helps to filter the irrelevant noise so the device can see the RR interval clearly. Heart rate variability is measured by calculating the time between R spikes on the ECG trace. So by this heart rate variability we calculate the Health Index. The EMD Technology is not new, but innovative as it’s the first time it is used in a consumer wearable.

Key product specifications of MiVia Essential 350:
• Size and weight: 46 x 21.5 x 11.3mm / 25g
• Charging time of 1.5 hrs
• Water proof IPX7
• 15 days’ battery life (without Bluetooth Low Energy mode)
• Tracks seven days of detailed motion
• Tracks daily totals for past 30 days
• Colours: black&purple

The MiVia Essential app is compatible with iPhone iOS 8 and 9, Android 5 and 6