Meizu to showcase mCharge 4.0 at MWC 2017

- Adrian Ungureanu

Although we may have hoped to see a new flagship from Meizu at this year’s Mobile World Congress edition, it seems that the event scheduled for the second day of the expo, Tuesday 28 February, may not be about a new smartphone.

According to the latest rumors though, the star of the Meizu show will be mCharge 4.0. A pretty obvious fact, since the invite in illustrated with a big lightning sign.

The next iteration of mCharge should further improve on the technology and could fully charge a depleted smartphone battery in just 45 minutes. The 4.0 revision is rumored to use a 9V/4A charger (36W), which means it will charge at lower 9V voltage (down from 12V) but at higher current. Long story short – faster charging, lower temperature.

Meizu has recently launched quite a few smartphones, including the Pro 6 Plus, M5, M5 Note, and M5s, so we might have to wait a while for the Pro 7 to see the mCharge 4.0 in action.