Lenovo and Disney will take us to the Galaxy far, far way through AR headsets

- Adrian Ungureanu

Great new for Star Wars fans and specially to those who dream to become Jedi, as Disney and Lenovo announced a Star Wars AR (augmented reality) headset that brings the Galaxy far far away close to them.

Although, little was mentioned about the technical details of the headset, release date and pricing, is seems that the AR headset will come with a number of Star Wars games including Holochess and another one called Jedi Challenges that requires you to have your own lightsaber.

An official video for Jedi Challenges was released giving us a glimpse of what to expect. We get to see the AR headset and the lightsaber that will work with it.

The headset will need your smartphone to work and will be available on BestBuy and Lenovo.com when it launches.

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