iPhone 7 sell better than iPhone 8! What’s the reason?


Apple’s iPhone 8 series doesn’t seem to appeal to many buyers and the last years iPhone 7 series is selling better, according cu a in-store survey conducted by KeyBanc Capital Markets.

The 2016 Apple iPhone 7 is outselling this year’s brand spanking new Apple iPhone 8. Usually, when the latest iPhone model is launched, it swamps older versions when it comes to sales. Last week, brokerage firm Jefferies said that weak sales of the iPhone 8 were to blame for a decline of 900,000 postpaid upgrades at AT&T during the third quarter. KeyBanc analyst John Vinh says that consumers don’t see much of a difference between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, and are saving money by purchasing the former.

And it’s not a surprise. iPhone X is more appealing as an upgrade, even though it’s more expensive than the iPhone 8 series. Also, many bloggers and journalist who reviewed the new iPhone 8 series say that it’s just another updated version of the 2014’s iPhone 6. So why would you pay more for a phone that doesn’t offer much more than its predecessors. The Apple iPhone 7 can be bought at $549 and up while the iPhone 8 starts at $699.