iOS 11 won’t support 32-bit apps

- Adrian Ungureanu

The next operating system from Apple is expected to be unveiled soon and most probably will be set to run first on the new iPhones that will be launched in autumn, but until then we find that there will be some major changes.

The biggest of them all is that Apple will no longer offer support 32-bit apps starting with the deployment of their new iOS.

It seems that this is not a to big surprise for de developers as Nearly 200,000 apps have been converted to 64-bit architecture, showning us that the developers “heared very clearly that iOS 11 won’t have 32bit app support at all”

Even more, iOS 10 seems to be stepping up its warnings to both developers and users, with 32-bit apps explicitly mentioned as “in need of updates” to continue to work rather than just potential system slowdown culprits.

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