iOS 10.3 to bring “Find My AirPods” function

- Adrian Ungureanu

The wireless earbuds from Apple, brought to ease the anger of those who wanted a 3.5 mm audio jack on their iPhones, were criticized about their lack of protection against the possibility of losing them. They might drop from their owners ears and might be lost forever.

It’s a very sensitive subject, specially since we talk about some wireless headphones cost $160. But it seems that Apple is working on some solution to make AirPods owner to feel more relaxed about the fact of having those wireless earbuds.

The next update of iOS will bring “Find My AirPods” function, which might come in handy if anyone (God forbid) losses one of the earbuds. The feature it’s pretty much self-explanatory so we don’t need to tell you how to use it.

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