Intracom Telecom sets new industry standards with R8 of its SDN ready Network Lifecycle Management Platform


Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, announced today the availability of R8, of its state of the art Network Lifecycle Management platform, uni|MS™, which includes two new offerings: uni|MS™ Radio Planner and uni|MS™ Connected Site.

With the uni|MS™ Radio Planner, the Network Operations Center (NOC) becomes Intelligent and performs efficient decision-making on network resources allocation, in a closed-loop fashion, bridging the communication gap and associated inconsistencies among planners, operators and field engineers. The uni|MS™ Radio Planner can be deployed as a standalone tool for RF planning tasks and analyses or integrated with existing uni|MS™ application modules, coupled with SDN readiness, accelerating the roll-out with centralized acceptance testing & auditing, optimizing the network at run time via orchestrated reconfigurations and eliminating unnecessary site visits during maintenance.

Moreover, thanks to the uni|MS™ Connected Site offering, CSPs implement proactive monitoring on environmental conditions that affect network equipment, optimize the energy consumption, automate the maintenance procedures and control the physical security access on-demand. This new offering leverages the platform’s multi-domain and multi-vendor capabilities to provide an IoT management solution for Telecom Site Infrastructure. Also, it integrates industrial grade demand/response controllers, energy measuring devices and various types of sensors deployed at the site level.

The uni|MS™ platform has been successfully deployed in more than fifty (50) customers, including Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Public Safety Organizations and Utilities Companies, supporting Mobile Backhauling, Fixed Wireless Access and Telecom Site Infrastructure applications with significant footprint in the EMEA and Russia and CIS regions.

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