Huawei teams up with Chinese display maker to develop foldable smartphone

- Adrian Ungureanu

The Chinese company is also caught up in the fever of preparations for the moment when foldable displays will become the next big thing on the smartphone market.

The company has already filed a foldable phone patented, but now it takes more concrete steps in that direction. Huawei has joined the Chinese display manufacturer BOE and is working on a smartphone featuring a foldable display. The phone’s screen would have a rather large size, 8 inches in diagonal.

BOE is the world’s largest LED display manufacturer. The Chinese company also presented two prototypes of foldable displays, one with a diagonal of 5.99 inches and one of 7.56 inches, at the SID Display Week, which took place in Los Angeles.

BOE is now trying to get hold on the AMOLED market, where Samsung still has no rival, but BOE could become a strong competitor on the foldable display market if everything goes as planned.