Huawei made the same profit margins as Apple in 2016, strictly on smartphones

- Adrian Ungureanu

Yeah! It was a big surprise for me too, to se those numbers, but despite of the fact of reporting far lower figures that Apple and Samsung, in terms of revenue and profit, when it comes to profitability per device, Huawei was on par with Apple.

As Samsung spends more money on materials, distribution, retail marketing and advertisement, they made less money per device in 2016, than Huawei. We’re referring to the flagship series, because those were analyzed by WIPO (World International Property Organization) in their 2017 report.

As you can see in the infographic above, Samsung had a profit margin of 32% per device, while Apple and Huawei pared at 42%. Those are the numbers in 2016 and judging about the devices that those three companies have launched this year, I believe that Huawei had the biggest margins this year.

Look at the P10 series, the Galaxy S8 series and the new iPhones. Huawei didn’t changed much, but Apple and Samsung went for more glass panels, for more powerful components, they implemented new features and new technologies so I bet they spent a lot more that Huawei. If Huawei didn’t increased it’s margin in 2017, most likely it managed to keep it under control better that Apple and Samsung did.