Huawei lies about the optical image stabilization on Huawei P20 Pro

- Adrian Ungureanu
Photo source: iFixit

The Chinese company has praised its new flagship, the Huawei P20 Pro, for the new camera enhancements and the AI support for users when shooting pictures or filming.

Huawei officials said that of the three cameras, only the 8MP sensor has optical image stabilization (OIS) and that the other cameras don’t have optical stabilization. But the phone got at iFixit for a “dissection”, and the reality is that Huawei lied.

Huawei says that the stabilization on the other two cameras is accomplished with Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions, so it’s done with a special software.

But the “dissection” from iFixit reveals that all three sets of lenses are floating and that means that all of them have optical stabilization using a mechanical means. Obviously, this does not mean that AI does not assist the user while filming, but stabilization is not only made by software.

It’s not a bad thing that all three sets of lenses have optical stabilization. On the contrary. But Huawei boasts improvements in AI functions and it seems that things are not exactly the way the company says.

Photo source: iFixit

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