How a Cloud Contact Center Meets Current Customer Experience Challenges


As customers become more digitally savvy and agile, they learn to leverage all available channels to engage with business in the most convenient way in any given situation. That means customers tend to use multiple channels every time they contact with a brand, be it a product purchase journey or an attempt to resolve an issue.

As this happens, customer relationships turn more and more complex. Brands need to monitor, track, react and respond to, record and report on every interaction across multiple channels.  That can appear a stressing challenge.

According to “The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Contact Centers, Q3 2018”, on-premises contact centers become less and less effective and more and more often companies choose improved systems architected for cloud-based delivery that support omnichannel engagement, workforce optimization, and artificial intelligence technologies. Forrester also believes that solutions with natively integrated workforce optimization technologies, such as workforce management, quality monitoring, call recording, performance management, and text and speech analytics, provide tangible benefits and form the ground for long-term contact center evolution.

So let’s have a look what Cloud Contact Centers may offer to help your business keep up with rising customers’ demands.

The Boons of Cloud
Expert evaluations of cloud technologies’ future sound compelling but every business want to know how it may benefit from adapting new tools and frameworks.

Productivity Boost
Since companies had to add up interaction channels beyond voice and SMS, such as email, chat, messengers, and social media, as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to call centers, agents have ended up fiddling with a bunch of multiple disparate desktop applications.

Similar to their contact center teams, managers obtained a number of apps to manage the workforce. Not to say, corporate IT became responsible for keeping this swarm of systems up-to-date and working.

Cloud-based contact centers help reduce the number of applications, delivering a unified UI for agent and supervisor desktops. Leading cloud solutions also provide seamless integration with CRM systems and other third-party products that your contact center team might ever need.

Rich integration capabilities and unified UI foster increased agent and supervisor productivity, as well as better customer experiences.

Finally, leading cloud-based solutions are usually equipped with cutting-edge productivity tools. Moreover, the cloud-delivery model implies continuous system upgrades, maintenance, and support are performed by the solution vendor. As a result, significant proportion of the company’s resources can be freed up and invested into working on key business tasks instead of wasting it on tedious IT systems administration.

360-Degree Visibility Across Channels
A cloud-based contact center platform is a unified solution supporting multiple channels, which can be accessed from various locations via the Internet. It provides a single point of monitoring, management, and supervision for the entire contact center.

Omnichannel contact centers provide real-time operational dashboards, allowing to monitor, get insights, and manage call center performance on the fly. Analytical dashboards also deliver a complex view of omnichannel customer data, helping create and guide seamless customer journeys.

Performance Management
Omnichannel cloud-based contact centers integrate data across all interaction channels and workforce optimization tools. That means you can measure and get insightful reports using multiple data flows and establish cross-system Key Performance Indicators. You can monitor operational KPIs like abandon rates, waiting time, service levels, and business KPIs like conversions, customer retention, customer satisfaction, etc.

Having full access to omnichannel historical data you can track the dynamics of your business and fine-tune business processes, add new applications and features, scale up or scale down to maintain optimal performance.

Cloud-based solutions provide visibility and control needed to optimize business performance across sites, channels, agents, and partners.

Minimizing CAPEX, Controlling OPEX
Cloud contact centers use subscription-based payment model effectively eliminating maintenance and licensing expense. You can scale up in no time without any investment in hardware or software.

On-premise solutions demand capital investments for hardware and licensing. Thus, migration to the cloud enables predictable and more agile budgeting, keeping your expenditure aligned with your real business needs.

Simple Multi-Site Call Center Management
Unified omnichannel contact center solutions deliver centralized management, governance, and supervision across multiple sites. The ability to configure routing policies and scripts on the go enables you to spread workloads and manage contact center workflows in the most efficient way.

It is much easier to manage a single fully integrated solution than a number of siloed apps, especially when it comes to geographically distributed teams. A single platform delivers uniform and transparent business processes, unrestricted access to analytics and customer data, and simplifies workflow and performance alignment throughout the company, regardless of employee location.

Improved Reliability and Agility
The call center is a crucial element of customer service, retention, and customer churn prevention, so it must be incredibly reliable. With a cloud-based contact center, you don’t have to worry about the viability of an on-premise equipment provider. Neither should you have to worry about the system uptime, because cloud-based platforms support redundant architecture and able to switch between different data center locations if something goes really wrong on a particular node. In case of a major issue on the local site, a cloud contact center continues its’ operations and automatically routes all traffic to other locations. As we mentioned before, geography does not matter, as agents in any location can log into the queue.

Instant Scalability
Cloud-based platforms allow you to add and remove agent workplaces, features, channels, or additional computing power as needed. If you want to add new channels, you can easily add IVR, ACD, email, social media, messengers, whatever you need, to your contact center.

Cloud-based Contact Centers are Always Up to Date
Cloud-based contact centers offer access to the latest upgrades and cutting-edge technologies without wasting your time on resource-consuming implementation projects. You get the best features as soon as they are out in production, while your competitors with on-premise solutions have to wait. Thus, cloud-based solutions enable smaller and mid-sized companies to obtain and utilize powerful features that were previously available only to corporations.


Genesys PureCloud: Creating Perfect Customer

Genesys, a long-time leader in the Gartner and Forrester annual contact center solution reports, offers an all-in-one cloud customer engagement and workforce optimization solution Genesys PureCloud.

In 2018 Genesys was recognized as a Leader for the PureCloud® platform in “The Forrester Wave: Cloud Contact Centers, Q3 2018” report. Beyond that, Genesys was named a Leader in the “Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution, 2017-18” study. Genesys partner in Romania is Intrarom, that complements the Genesys Contact Center portfolio with a comprehensive set of professional services including consultancy, design, implementation, configuration/parameterization, customization, integration with 3rd party systems testing, and development.

PureCloud delivers rich functionality for collaboration, communication, and customer engagement. The solution is highly scalable, reliable, and secure, built on a long-time-proven and highly-reliable Amazon Web Services cloud platform. It offers elastic architecture built on well-designed microservices.

PureCloud offers cutting-edge customer experience tools in a convenient cloud package that greatly simplifies set up, use, and budgeting. The solution supports customer engagement in web, chat, email, voice, and social media channels, as well as omnichannel customer data capturing and interaction personalization for every contact. Every time a customer engages with your brand the interaction proves to be meaningful, consistent and contextual, in any channel.

Deep personalization and contextual interaction are achieved through automated intelligent routing, which helps optimize agent workloads and guide customers to the best possible expert for a faster problem resolution. PureCloud also offers insightful agents monitoring tools to ensure peak contact center performance. All through an intuitive web interface available for the desktop or mobile.

With a common user interface framework and data integration through open APIs, a unified agent desktop integrates all customer data across all interaction channels, as well as delivers insightful data from CRM systems and other sales-related systems. The solution keeps customer information at the ready, giving agents accurate insights into the customer history. The unified desktop provides agents with easy-to-use tools to deliver high-quality service: to process customer contacts, enter notes, access personal and team KPI data, etc.

PureCloud makes advanced analytics data easily accessible and understandable through real-time dashboards. These dashboards visualize comprehensive customer data and workforce performance metrics. Built-in workforce optimization capabilities deliver multichannel recording, quality management, performance monitoring, customer feedback capturing, and even more native features to support efficient employee management.

PureCloud entirely removes contact center teams location or hardware limitations. It provides full remote access to communication channels and tools within a single environment, on any device. Cloud-hosted, the solution does not require any hardware or software installation or integration. The PureCloud platform deploys in days and scales automatically, depending on your current needs and tasks.

PureCloud is ideal for organizations looking for a simple ready-to-go contact center solution starting at just 5 seats and flexibly scaling up to 500+ agent workplaces.

In the end, no matter the type of particular pain or hassle an on-premise system is causing, the potential benefits of migrating to the cloud are many and tangible. Starting from flexible budgeting and resource management, unparalleled scalability and cutting edge-features access, ending with powerful tools for distributed contact center teams management and true omnichannel customer experience delivery.

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