Guy tattoos the T-Mobile logo and got a free iPhone 8

- Adrian Ungureanu

Sometimes iPhone fans’ passion for Apple smartphones makes them do crazy things. Take this guy for example! Philip Harrison, an iPhone and I guess a T-Mo fan, tweeted to CEO John Legere about his bold idea.

Harrison said to Legere he’d tattoo the T-Mobile logo for a free iPhone 8. “Hook me up with a iPhone 8 and i’ll tattoo the T-Mobile logo on my arm for all to see, you have my word @JohnLegere”.

John Legere is known for being active on social media and immediately replied to Harrison: “Sounds like a deal! Prove it!”. Done deal. Harrison inked the T-Mobile logo on right forearm and T-Mo kept its part of the deal and gave Harrison the promised iPhone.

Now, everybody wonders why he didn’t asked for more, like an iPhone X for example.