Google is working on a console and a game-streaming service

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seems Google is preparing to take on the video games market as well, with the latest rumors suggesting that the US giant is working on a gaming console and a game-streaming service.

There is not much detail about these products, yet. About the console quite nothing, but it could serve as the hardware platform for the streaming service.

Streaming not in the sense of where to stream live while you’re playing games as on Twitch, but the games will be streamed to you, maybe even play them directly from the cloud.

The streaming platform is said to be called Yeti and will work on a subscription basis and would be compatible with Chromecast. It seems that Google has already discussed with the game developers, but it has not yet been established whether it will be an exclusive platform or if it’ll be an open platform for any gaming developer.

Looking at everything else Google has done by now, almost everything is opened. The Android, the Google Maps and many other services from Google. So we believe Yeti will be opened for everybody.