Google says we’ll witness an invasion of AR applications in 2018

- Adrian Ungureanu

Google officials believe that in 2018, the Android ecosystem will be invaded by augmented reality applications and believes that “hundreds of millions of devices will support AR”.

At least this is what Google’s VP of business and operations for virtual reality Amit Singh said at the Web Summit in Lisbon. He said that that will be achieved thanks to Google’s ARCore development framework and pointed that AR will be a daily thing for millions of people around the world in 2018.

“There will be hundreds of millions of phones that will be AR ready” Singh said during a talk at the summit, who explained that currently they are helping developers in creating a new AR experience.

Singh also touched on the opportunities for monetizing AR content, such as games and shopping applications.

“Augmented reality will become a core feature of most of Android over the next few years,” Singh said. “And once it does, I suspect the natural evolution of monetization comes through.”

Google’s ARCore SDK was released in August and is intended for development of AR applications on devices without specialized depth sensors, and as such, it will widely available and easily accessible. It is currently available on the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8, but by the end of this year, Google promises to have ARCore running on more than 100 million Android devices worldwide.