Google said to work on a mid-range Pixel smartphone to tackle emerging markets

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seems that Google might miss their old Nexus smartphones. Google gave up two years ago on the Nexus series, in favor of the new Pixel series, which has led to a limitation of potential buyers.

The difference between the two series was that the new family is on the same segment as the Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone models, while the old Nexus where more accessible.

The Nexus models were known as well equipped smartphones available for more competitive prices. Four or five years ago, Nexus smartphones had prices that ran around $250-300 and were accessible to more people.

As the new Pixel series went north of 600 dollars, and the 128GB Google Pixel 2 XL, was launched last year at a price of $950, Google has totally changed its target, to customers with more money to spend.

But it seems that Google might return to the mid-range segment and is working on a new Pixel model, one with lesser specs but with a more affordable price to take on the emerging markets, where the price is still the main factor in the purchasing decision.

The information where shared by Google execs that met with potential partners, in some meetings that took place in Malaysia, United States and the UK. According to Economic Times, select retailers in India where invited too, a market recognized for its appetite for affordable smartphones.