Google released the first Android 9 P Developers Preview

- Adrian Ungureanu

Google has launched the application developer version of its new Android 9P mobile platform to test its own applications in the new ecosystem proposed by Google.

Support for screen notches
By far the first issue I want to discuss and get fast over it is the support for notches in the screens of the Android smartphone makers who copy iPhone X’s style. Android Oreo does not offer support for the notched screens because when it was released there were no screen cutouts like on the iPhone X, let alone when Google started developing Android Oreo. Not all the details came out, but the screen cutout will not be ignored, so we expect the apps running in full screen will not have any problems with those notches on Android P.

Indoor positioningAmong the most useful new features of Android P is the indoor positioning, which is by far one of the best features. Location will be made by calculating the distance to different WiFi access points. So let’s say you’re in a mall and you do not know where you are, you’ll be able to use the WiFi positioning feature and your smartphone will be able to locate you with a 1-2 (3-5 feet) meter error.

You won’t have to be connected to any WiFi networks in the buildings you are trying to get located. The phone detects WiFi sources and just calculates the distance to them to locate you.

Improved messaging notifications and many more
Android P will come up with improved messaging notifications. Notifications will by more reach in content and option in Android 9 and you can preview messages and reply them without going into the apps from where the messages originate. You can even preview images in notifications and even make quick smart replies directly from the notification panel.

The new Android 9 will provide enhanced support for camera features such as seamless zoom, bokeh or stereo vision, so you can capture and even stream videos from camera on the front and back of the phone.

Android P will bring support for HDR VP9 video, HEIF image compression, and it will block access to microphones, cameras, and other sensor inactive for those apps that are idle or running in the background, which is a great news.

Android 9 P should reach end users by the end of August
This was the first Developers Preview release, but according to Google’s calendar, there will still be other four versions before the release of the final version of the new operating system. The next DP version will be released sometime in the first week of the May, and the next two will be ready in June, the last adjustments will be made by the end of July, and by the end of August will launch the final version of Android 9 P , which will also reach end-users.